Mitsubishi J2S to MELSERVO J4 Servo Amplifier and Motor Migration

Mitsubishi announced the discontinuation of their old legacy J2S product line back in 2015 and official repair services for this product ended in August 2022. If you haven’t already looked into upgrading to the J4, now is the time!  Customers still utilizing the MR-J2 amplifiers with the HC/HA motors can leverage increased machine performance and cost savings with the MR-J4 servo amplifier and HG servo motors.

Mitsubishi J2S to MELSERVO J4 Servo Amplifier and Motor Migration

The MR-J4 family of servo amplifiers and compatible HG motors embody the innovative spirit of the MR-J2S and leverages cutting edge technology providing users with a renewed competitive advantage.

A combination of MR-J4-B-RJ020 and MR-J4-T20 is capable of connecting to the SSCNET of MR-J2S-B compatible servo system controller. Thus, renewing a machine with MR-J4 series servo amplifiers and servo motors is possible without changing the existing controller.

Parameter data from your MR-J2 data can be relatively easily converted to the MR-J4. The J2’s setup software reads the parameters from the MR-J2S and saves them as a parameter file. Using the parameter converter function of the MR Configurator 2, the file is converted to fit the J4, then written to the new amplifier.

The migration from the J2 servo to the MR-J4 can be completed quickly and easily, preserving your existing data and preventing any unnecessary or excessive downtime.

Download Mitsubishi J2S to MELSERVO J4 Conversion Brochure

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