Mitsubishi Electric FR-F800 Series Variable Frequency Drives for HVAC Applications

FR-F800 is a dedicated energy-saving VFD, optimized for the control of pumps, fans or compressors in HVAC applications. Available for use as a stand-alone drive or as part of a PowerGate Bypass Controller solution.

FR-F800 Series Variable Frequency Drive Benefits

  • Mitsubishi Electric FR-F800 Series Variable Frequency Drives
    Reinforced UL-1 Stand-alone Design up to 40HP – Allows the drive to be installed where you need it, without having to mount it in an enclosure. A conduit mounting box is included for easy power cable termination.
  • Plenum Rating – Means that FR-F800 is safe to use in an air conditioning plenum
  • Flexibility – Available in a wide range of voltages and capacities from 1 hp to 1000 hp in 230V, 460V and 575V
  • Anti-Windmill Feature – FR-F800 effortlessly determines both the speed and direction of a spinning motor shaft before start up. The ‘Coasting Motor Restart’ system ensures a smooth and trip free control of windmilling fans or back-spinning pumps.
  • IPM Motor Capability – The FR-F800 provides up to 50% energy savings when combined with IPM based technology. The embedded auto-tuning system allows plug and play optimization with many 3rd party IPM motors. This provides quick and easy setup and commissioning without time-consuming ‘tuning” or the need for on-site support.
  • Direct Entry of PID Control Variables – PID variables such as pressure and temperature can be entered directly into the drive keypad during operation – no need to change drive settings.
  • Built-in BACnet MS/TP Communications Capability – Quick and easy connection to BMS systems. Options are available for all other popular communications networks.

Broken Belt Detection (Load Memory)

The FR-F800 ‘load memory’ system quickly detects load anomalies such as broken motor drive belts or jammed pumps.

Broken Belt Detection

Alphanumeric Keypad / Real-Time Clock

The FR-LU08-01 keypad has a 4 line LCD display with alphanumeric text display of parameters and drive status, ensuring quick and simple operation or diagnostics. The Real Time Clock allows time-based control and time-stamping.

Alphanumeric Keypad

Easy Set-Up

FR-F800 offers USB support for easy connection to external devices and memory sticks. Quickly copy, store and reuse VFD parameters, historical trend data and other helpful data without the need for a PC or dedicated device. This saves time and reduces the effort to service and commission multiple systems.

Easy Set-Up

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