Low Pressure Monitor LDP ECHOLINE® Series

U.E. Precision Sensors EchoLine Low Pressure Monitor
ECHOLINE® was designed in cooperation with a leading semiconductor manufacturer to prevent costly system shutdowns and reduce maintenance costs associated with low pressure monitoring of gas cabinet exhaust systems. ECHOLINE’s Maintenance Mode feature prevents false alarms during system maintenance and balancing. A customer defined time delay prevents false trips which can cause system shutdowns. “ECHO” (Electronic Circuit Health Output) diagnostics alert the user to loss of external power or internal electronics failure.

Four ECHOLINE® units fit into the space of one oldfashioned gauge/switch.

ECHOLINE® was created using widely accepted best practices in an AS 9100 / ISO 9001:2000 quality environment. Components used in the design and production of ECHOLINE® have been selected for their time proven performance, availability and reliability. ECHOLINE® contains no moving parts that can wear out, or microprocessors that are susceptible to hidden software problems.



  • Conformance to S2-0200 and CE, complies with the requirements of UL 991
  • Bright LED display, flash upon alarm
  • High and low alarm set points
  • "Maintenance Mode" to prevent false trips during ventilation system balancing
  • Adjustable time delay to eliminate false trips
  • Latching relay output (Option "M01" for non-latching design)
  • Self-diagnostics
  • Optional selectable units from inches WC to Pascal

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