K6CM Motor Monitoring Device Providing Real Time Motor Health to Maintenance Personnel

The K6CM motor monitoring device can help maintenance personnel identify motors that need repair before they cause an unexpected line down situation.

The nature of a three-phase induction motor is to require maintenance throughout its operational life.  Bearing wear, out-of-phase motion, and insulation resistance breakdown are just some of the effects of constant operation.  Maintenance workers want to know when the motor is beginning to degrade so that they can plan maintenance accordingly.  Without a monitoring device, typically motor inspection requires maintenance to feel or listen for differences from the motor’s normal operation.  By using the K6CM to monitor the motor’s overall current analysis, vibration and temperature, or insulation resistance, customers can receive alerts when their motor is starting to degrade and they can plan their maintenance activity more effectively.  The real time monitoring allows customers to push the K6CM output to their SCADA system and monitor in a central location via EtherNet/IP.

The K6CM motor monitoring device is targeted toward end users looking to maximize production uptime based on having knowledge of the condition of their three-phase induction motors.  The local visual indication bar will help maintenance personnel identify motors that require maintenance.  Furthermore, all motors with a K6CM connected can be monitored from a central location to more efficiently plan motor maintenance activity.

Three Monitoring Options Depending on Maintenance Preference

  • Monitor Temperature and Vibration through one sensor
  • Monitor overall current healthy for motors from 1hp to 400hp
  • Monitor insulation resistance while motor is running up to 10hp motor

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