IXA-4NHN Ultra Large SCARA Robot from IAI

IAI recently introduced their new ultra large IXA-4NHN high-speed, high-payload SCARA robot.  This robot offers better performance and functionality than previous models and is the fastest in the industry.

IXA-4NHN High-Speed SCARA Robot - Arm Length 1,200mm

Perfect for transferring large workpieces thanks to its large operation range.

IXA-4NHN SCARA Robot Features

  • Maximum Payload 50kg
  • Arm Length 1,200mm
  • Vertical Stroke 400mm
  • Standard Cycle Time 0.61 seconds
  • Collision Detection function
  • Battery-less Absolute Encoder as standard

Collision Detection Function

When the SCARA robot detects a collision with an object, it will stop its operation promptly. The collision detection function reduces damages on the gripper, workpiece and robot at the time of a collision.

Download IAI's IXA-4NHN SCARA Robot Brochure

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