Introducing Walchem's Amperometric Disinfection Sensor

Key Benefits:

Non-Membrane Disinfection Sensor
Walchem offer sensors, in varying ranges of concentration, for free chlorine/bromine, total chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone, peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide. Whether the application is a cooling tower, food and beverage, drinking water, wastewater, or swimming pool, these sensors are the ideal solution.
  • Low Maintenance – no costly reagents or tubing to replace
  • Broad Range of Applications – wide variety of oxidizers and measurement ranges
  • Fast Response – continuous measurement technique
  • No Waste – the sample can be returned to the process

Non-Membrane Disinfection Sensors

  • non-membrane disinfection sensor
    The disinfection of hot potable water systems as currently required by the new ASHRAE standardsUp to 70 °C (158 °F)
    • Hospitals, schools, universities
  • High pressure sample loops where the water cannot be discharged to open atmosphere
    • Up to 8 bar (117 psi)
    • Hot tubs, cooling towers


  • Free Chlorine and ClO2 sensors
  • Designed for higher pressure and temperature, clean water applications
  • Amperometric 3-electrode sensors
  • The measuring and counter electrodes are in direct contact with the sample
  • The reference electrode is isolated from the water by an electrolyte-filled housing


Non-Membrane Disinfection Sensors Dimensions
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