Introducing the eCL Series Closed-Loop Steppers

Do you remember Compumotor—the original innovators of microstepping technology? Parker’s Electromechanical & Drives division was founded on that legacy, and we continue to augment our motion control line with cutting-edge products.

The E Series has been Parker’s most popular stepper drive family for the last 10 years. Parker is expanding this popular family with new technology and new flavors to take on the challenges of today’s hyper-competitive stepper market.
The new E Series Closed-Loop stepper drives and motors bring higher performance, a compact foot print and attractive pricing to the portfolio.

The eCL series introduces simple and precise closed loop control to Parker’s microstepping product platform. Available in two driver form factors, standard (4Arms) and mini (2Arms), the eCL system optimizes performance with a wide array of stepper motors with integrated encoder feedback (Nema8, 11, 14, 17, 23, 60mm).

More and more applications that have traditionally called for stepper motors are demanding the performance typically associated with servo motors. The eCL system maintains the inherent advantages of stepper control (high torque, stiffness, responsiveness, stability, no dither, simplicity) while eliminating common disadvantages (stalling, energy usage, motor temp, high speed operation, positional accuracy) through the addition of an innovative closed loop control algorithm.

Unlike traditional closed-loop servo systems, the eCL system requires no tuning. Gains have been optimized for the motor/drive combination to ensure smooth and stable motion. Once the eCL motor reaches its target position, the rotor locks into place at a perfect standstill.

The new products in the E Series include two compact step-and-direction drives for motion controller or PLC-based systems. And for the first time Parker is offering a stepper drive with EtherCAT, for use with the Parker Automation controller and other EtherCAT systems.

Complementing the drives are a whole new line of stepper motors with cost-effective encoders and attractive packaging. Convenient connectorization and extension cables allow for fast and easy set-up.

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