IAI Table Top Robot With Battery-less Absolute Encoder

IAI Table Top Robot
IAI Table Top Robot - TTA Series is equipped with a battery-less absolute encoder. This means that home-return is not required and no external home sensor is required since home-return is not necessary. Removal of items being worked on is also not necessary, even after an emergency stop, and the troublesome creation of home-return programs is not necessary even when stopping inside of a complex machine.

The advantages of battery-less...
  • No battery maintenance required
  • No installation space for battery required

This will...
  • Reduce processes/costs
  • shorten startup/adjustment time
  • Increase production capacity

New High-precision AC Servo Motor Series Added

The IAI Table Top Robot equipped AC servo motor dramatically increases performance. There are a wide range of specifications, from payload-focused low lead specifications to speed-focused high lead specifications.

Improved Positioning Repeatability and Lost Motion for Stepper Motor

Due to the built-in high-resolution battery-less absolute encoder in the IAI table top robot, positioning repeatability and lost motion are improved.

Manual Programming Is No Longer Required

The SEL Program Generator eliminates the tedious work of program creation. The SEL Program Generator is a PC tool that automatically generates a SEL program and positioning data simply by drawing the operation path on the screen. Until now creating SEL programs and positioning data from scratch required a lot of processes and time. Using the SEL Program Generator, the tedious work of program creation is eliminated for dramatically increased convenience.

Work / Tool Coordinate Systems

Two types of coordinate systems can be used:
  1. Work coordinate system: The coordinate system defined by offsetting each axis from the base coordinate system (max. 32 types)
  2. Tool coordinate system: The coordinate system defined by the dimensions (offset) of the tool (gripper, etc.) mounted to the tool mounting surface (max. 128 types)

Expanded Serial Communication Port

  • Additional SIO module: RS232C and RS485 can be added.
  • Multiple channels of IAI protocol supported: The IAI protocol support makes communication with external equipment possible even when connected to a teaching pendant or PC software.

External Equipment Can Be Controlled Easily

Output operation data has been added to the positioning data. Signals for controlling external equipment can be easily output for each target position. This eliminates the conventionally required time to create a program to send the signal.

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