Fulflo® HF Depthflo™ Filter Cartridges with High Capacity Pleated Microglass Filters are Optimized for High-Flow and High Dirt-Holding

Parker Domnick Hunter's Fulflo® HF Depthflo™ microglass pleated filter cartridges are offered in 6" diameter x 80" lengths. The high surface area filter media is supported with a tin plated steel core and outer cage utilizing an external O-ring seal with a closed cap. The Fulflo® HF Depthflo™ pleated filter cartridge is targeted for natural gas, oil production, salt dome storage, and high dirt process applications. The Fulflo® HF Depthflo™ pleated filter cartridge is designed to reduce the overall cost of filtration by minimizing the frequency of change-outs to lower labor time and production downtime.


  • High performance depthflo media for gels and deformable particles
  • Fine fibers provide maximum dirt holding, high-flow for long life
  • Rates, and particle removal cut off
  • Dual drainage layers prevent fiber migration and assure even flow distribution
  • High efficiency


  • Fewer Element Change-outs
  • Lower Maintenance Costs
  • Lower Disposal Costs
  • Smaller Filter Vessels


  • Natural gas
  • Salt dome storage
  • Oil production
  • High-dirt oil process applications

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