FR Series UHP Single-Stage Pressure Regulators

FR Series UHP Single-Stage Pressure Regulators
Parker's competitively priced FR Series ultra high purity regulators are perfect for controlling process gases in downstream point-of-use applications in semiconductor fabrication. Designed for valve manifold boxes, tool hookup, and gas cabinets, FR Series regulators feature low- and high-flow capacity, Hastelloy® C-22® diaphragms for increased cycle life and corrosion resistance, metal-to-metal seals, and more.
  • Precise control of process gases
  • Single-stage high and low flow options
  • Superior value to reduce short- and long-term cost

FR1000 Series UHP Single Stage Pressure Reducing Regulator Features

  • 316L stainless steel body
  • Manufactured for ultra high purity gas delivery applications
  • Metal-to-metal diaphragm seal standard
  • Passivated & electropolished
  • Integrated filtration
  • Hastelloy® diaphragm standard
  • 10 μ in. Ra surface finish

Applications: VMBs/CMBs, point-of-use tool hook-up, gas cabinets

Download FR Series UHP Single-Stage Pressure Regulators Datasheet

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