EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP-compatible Power Supply for Maximizing Uptime

Production lines are most effective when they are running and end users understand the life of the components keeping them running.  Omron's S8VK-X creates the capability of real time monitoring the power supply life so as it nears its end of life, end users can schedule replacement appropriately.  Omron's 5-year warranty on S8VK-X gives OEMs and end users confidence in their power supply investment.  The EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP capability allows end users to monitor their power supplies from a central location without physically inspect it at the panel.  Local display options are available to display settings in the power supply without the need for a tester.  Models range from 30W to 480W.

S8VK-X power supplies are targeted toward end users looking to maximize production uptime based on having knowledge of power supply life.  The local display and communication capability allow customers to get more instant information about their power supplies and plan their maintenance activity more strategically.

Wide Application Range Possibilities

Stable operation in these conditions:
  •  Operation temperature range from -40 to 70°C
  •  Complies with EN/IEC 61558-2-16
  •  Coated PCBs for better environmental resistance
  •  Power boost at 150% (240W and 480W)
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