Enerdoor's CE Certification, Consulting and EMC Testing

Flat Rate. On-site CE Testing. Standard Compliant.

Since 1992 The Enerdoor Group has specialized in the measurement and analyses of EMC testing and CE Certification, providing on-site flat rate testing to customers around the world through an efficient, global organization. Enerdoor's flat rate testing service is unique in the industry, as is their pledge to not leave the facility until equipment is compliant.

The CE mark is a symbol that a manufacturer affixes to a product so that it can be sold in Europe. The mark is mandatory for products which fall under one of 24 European directives.  The CE mark means that the manufacturer takes responsibility for the compliance of a product with all applicable European health, safety, performance and environmental requirements. CE stands for “Conformité Européenne", the French for European conformity and includes the entire European Union, Turkey and Israel. The global equivalents to the CE mark are as follows: FCC in the United States, CCC in China, VCCI in Japan, RCM in Australia & New Zealand, and KCC in South Korea.

The CE Directive has been in force since January 1996 and dictates that all electric and electronic components in machinery and manufacturing plants meet the minimum requirements as indicated by the Directive.

On-Site Flat Rate Compliance Testing

As one of the top-ranked CE labs in the country, Enerdoor offers a wide range of testing methods and Standard compliance.   Enerdoor's flat rate, on-site testing specializes in the measurement and analysis of electromagnetic compatibility of systems in accordance with the EMC, FCC Part 15 and Safety Directives. Enerdoor filters provide solutions to meet the conducted, radiated, and immunity test requirements and utilizes mobile laboratories to perform necessary tests at the customer’s facility.

Testing, Support and Training Service

Enerdoor is committed to ongoing investments, new technology solutions and excelling in the understanding of real world power issues.  Enerdoor's compliance experts work with manufacturers and end users to find the most efficient and economical solutions.  Highlights include:
  • CE Certification including machinery, safety and low voltage Directive
  • EMC mitigation for CE and FCC compliance
  • Power quality testing
  • Low and high frequency disturbance problem solving
  • Technical CE reports and final certificates
  • Anechoic testing chambers and RD facility
  • Technical training for the Directive
  • Product safety consulting
  • Risk assessment
  • ATEX consulting
  • Seminar and technical training

Find the CE Directive that Applies to Your Product

How do you know if your product requires a CE mark? The first step is to see if your product is covered under one or more of the 24 CE Directives below. If your product falls under any of these Directives, it needs to be CE marked.

24 CE Directives

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