Enerdoor EMI-RFI Filters

Electromagnetic interference (EMI), or radio frequency interference (RFI), is a type of electric or electronic emission that can degrade, impair or prevent electrical circuit performance.

Enerdoor EMI-RFI Filters

EMI filters are used to suppress interference generated by the device, or by other equipment, and to protect a device from electromagnetic interference signals present in the environment. Most EMI filters consist of components that suppress differential and common mode interference.

To protect and optimize equipment, Enerdoor EMI-RFI filters provide solutions in three product categories: single-phase, three-phase, and three-phase plus neutral filters.

High Frequency Solution

To protect and optimize equipment performance, Enerdoor offers one of the largest ranges of solutions to reduce electromagnetic / radio-frequency interference. Offering a large variance of electrical and mechanical characteristics, Enerdoor EMI/RFI filters cover standard nominal voltage from 0 to 750 Vac with the following nominal currents:
  • Single-phase EMI/RFI filters: from 1 to 100A
  • Three-phase EMI/RFI filters: from 3 to 3000A
  • Three-phase plus neutral EMI-RFI filters: from 3 to 3000A
  • Parallel EMI/RFI filters: In addition to the above EMI/RFI filter lines, Enerdoor offers a unique parallel filter solution. This line is designed for the specific frequency range of 50 KHz – 10 MHz where there is severe risk of interference and disturbance.

Applications for EMI-RFI Filters

  • Power Supply
  • Automation
  • Renewable Energy
  • LED Lights
  • Medical Equipment

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