Echoline Low Pressure Monitor and XHP Series High Purity Transducers

Echoline Low Pressure Monitor

Echoline Low Pressure Monitor
Precision Sensors' Echoline Low Pressure Monitor was developed for semiconductor manufacturers to monitor and balance gas exhaust systems, alert plant engineers to problems and to automate adjustment of high and low trip points before and after system maintenance. A unique "Maintenance Mode" feature prevents false trips during ventilation systems balancing and simplifies reset and maintenance.  The time delay eliminates false trips and unwanted system shut downs. Echoline is compact, one-quarter the size of traditional electromechanical gas monitors, and features a bright LED display to alert the user of out of limit conditions.  Echoline was designed with the intent of support safety requirements such as SEMI S2 and is a UL recognized device per UL508.  Certification to the UL 508 standard required thorough evaluation and demonstrated reliability and performance to UL 991 requirements for solid-state devices as applied to safety related applications.

Total Installed Cost Savings Include:
  • Time delay prevents nuisance trips resulting in greater up time
  • Saves time during system balancing
  • Bright LED display flashes upon alarm
  • UL 508 Recognition
  • Complies with UL 991 safety requirements and conformance to S2 and CE
  • Self-diagnostic ECHO function

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XHP Series High Purity Transducers

XHP Series High Purity Transducers
Precision Sensors' XHP Series High Purity Transducer is designed for accurate, reliable sensing of process gases used in the manufacture of semiconductor products. The XHP series transducer is offered in small compact design for space savings to aid in reducing line lengths and product footprint.  LED status light provides visual feedback to verify that the transducer is operating correctly. Color band labels are provided with the unit to allow the installer to mark and identify the process gas eliminating cross contamination. The XHP Transducer is also available in the compound range for vacuum measurement.

Total Installed Cost Savings Include:
  • Power status light provides a quick labor saving indication of operation
  • 316L UHP construction
  • Color code band labels to aid in process gas identification
  • Optional IEC and ATEX Certification for Class I Div II installation
  • IP65 seal capability
  • 5 year warranty
  • 5 million cycle life

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