Parker 17R Series Provides High Flow and Positive Shut Off for High Purity Fluid Systems

Parker 17R Series UHP Stainless Steel Diaphragm Valve
Parker's 17R Series Stainless Steel Diaphragm Valve offers extremely high cycle life and provides positive shut off for high-flow bulk delivery and specialty gas systems. It can be manually or air-operated and is designed for use in ultra-high purity semiconductor manufacturing applications where reliability and cleanliness are critical.

17R Series valves are fabricated from specialty metals to provide exceptional corrosion resistance and leak integrity. The body and lower stem are made from Veriflo’s proprietary VeriClean™ low sulfur, 316L stainless steel and is internally electropolished. The diaphragm is a high-strength cobalt-based alloy. Seat materials are available in PCTFE (std) or Polyimide, which allow the 17R Series to be used with a variety of corrosive and inert process fluids. In addition to the valve’s exacting design features, which control seat and diaphragm stresses to provide a maintenance-free service life, the 17R Series’ materials provide it with extreme corrosion resistance and excellent reliability at working pressures up to 3,000 psig.

All 17R Series valves are fabricated in a Class 100 cleanroom. The internal (seat) seal and metal external seal are Helium leak tested using a mass spectrometer. They are also production leak tested using an outboard sniffer probe at 2,000 – 2,500 psig to ensure performance in demanding UHP semiconductor manufacturing applications.

  • Semiconductor
  • Analytical Laboratory
  • Pharmaceutical
  • BioPharm
  • Aerospace
  • Industrial

  • Provides high flow and positive shut off for UHP fluid systems
  • 10 microinch (Ra) electropolish surface finish
  • High cycle life (including corrosive service)
  • Fully functional from vacuum to 3,000 psig
  • Internal leak rate: < 4 x 10-9 scc/sec He
  • External leak rate: < 1 x 10-9 scc/sec He
  • Production leak tested using an outboard sniffer probe at 2,000 – 2,500 psig
  • Can be manually (0.80 Cv) or air-operated (0.75 Cv)

  • Bulk specialty gas systems (BSGS)
  • Bulk delivery systems
  • Tool Hook-ups
  • Gas Cabinets
  • Valve Manifold Boxes (VMB)
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