WIKA Temperature Measurement

Temperature plays an important role in the power industry, as it is used in almost all circuits. Regardless of the application, WIKA has the right sensors and transmitters.


WIKA's range of products include thermocouples, resistance thermometers, and both analog and digital temperature transmitters for all temperature measurement applications in power plants.

WIKA Temperature Measurement


WIKA's dial thermometers work on the bimetal, expansion, or gas actuation principles. This enables scale ranges of -200 ... +1000 °F in different class accuracies, response times, and resilience to environmental influences. Diverse connection designs, stem diameters, and individual stem lengths enable a flexible measuring point design. Dial thermometers with capillaries are particularly versatile. All thermometers are suited for operation in a thermowell if necessary.

Switch Output

The integration of switch contacts and output signals into our mechanical temperature measuring instruments yields a wide variety of combined instruments for our customers to choose from. Additionally, the direct switching of electrical loads up to AC 250 V/20 A is enabled. The instruments have been developed especially for safetycritical applications in accordance with IEC 61508 (SIL 2). On customer request the use of high-quality and corrosionresistant wetted materials is confirmed by a 3.1 certificate.


To enable thermometers to work even under extreme process loads, we offer a wide range of thermowells. Our thermowells can be customized using special materials such as Hastelloy and titanium or with various coatings depending on the process requirements.

Tubeskin Temperature Measurement

The primary goal of tubeskin temperature measurement is monitoring the maximum permissible temperature curves with the aim of preventing premature overheating of the piping. Due to the accuracy of the tubeskin thermocouples, the operator can ensure the boiler operation of their plant, increase the service life of the boiler tubes and optimize the efficiency. A simple installation is ensured through a secure weld fitting to the pipe wall, suitable for every nominal width of pipe. This also offers a fast replacement during the tight maintenance schedules of a shutdown.

Temperature Measurements Within Gas Turbines

Modern gas turbines are designed to use the energy from gases as efficiently as possible. The most important criterion is to operate combustion at as high of a temperature as possible, without exceeding the limits of use of both the blades and case. Of course, the turbine must also respond quickly to changes in load, thus, in addition to the accuracy, response time also becomes increasingly important. Inside a gas turbine, conditions are extreme: Temperatures of up to 1472 °F, high flow rates, and strong vibrations. WIKA thermocouples and thermowells also work safely and reliably in these harsh cases of application.

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