T8B Series Temperature Switch

T8B Series Temperature Switch
Precision Sensors line of temperature switches has been designed to maximize isolation of the element and the probe from the mounting fitting and shell. This results in faster response and the least possible conductivity error. The standard product contains a bimetallic snap-acting, hermetically sealed single pole, single throw switching element. Standard construction features a S.S. shell with integral probe, welded to a S.S. hermetic connector. The mounting fitting, probe diameter, probe length and connector type are customized for each application.

Typical applications include: Oil, Fuel, Water and coolant temperature monitoring.

T8B Series Temperature Switch Features

  • Fast response time
  • Low conductivity loss
  • Burst pressure to 7,500 PSI
  • Normally open or closed
  • Thermostatic switch qualified to MIL-PRF-24236/19 and NASAS-311-641/07

T8B Series Temperature Switch Specifications

Media Any gas or liquid compatible with stainless steel
Temperature Range -65° to 350° F
Type  Factory Set
Proof Pressure  Up to 7,500 PSI
Mounting Fitting  As required – typically MS33656
Probe Ø & Length  As required
Current  Consult Factory
Electrical Connections  MS Connector
Free leads
Typical Weight   4 oz.
Qualification  Consult Factory
Warranty  18 Months

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