Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing is About the Elimination of Waste: Wasted Time, Wasted Motion, Wasted Production 

Today’s progressive companies are turning to lean workstations and manufacturing to increase quality while eliminating waste. Gains from lean manufacturing allow companies to maintain their manufacturing and assembly facilities here in the USA.

Bosch Rexroth Lean Facility
Let Valin’s technical specialists create a system that will help your facility become lean.  Systems include:
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Lean Workstations

Valin works with you to design a workstation that can be customized for your various lean manufacturing operations. These lean workstations are fully customizable. Options include:
  • Equipped with shelves for holding parts bin boxes
  • Can be fitted for CPU’s and keyboards
  • Supplied with overhead integral lighting
  • Frame and top all ESD
  • Integral tool hanger peg board on swing arm
  • Integral information board for posting part assembly instructions
  • Pre-wired with outlet strip for powering assembly tools and CPU

Lean Manufacturing Projects

Four Simple Tips for Creating the Perfect Lean Manufacturing Work Space

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Many organizations already apply lean principles to logistics and supply chain management to reduce waste, control costs and ensure just-in-time delivery to customers. Fewer consider the benefits of using the same logic in their production line or assembly room. A well-designed lean manufacturing workcell can deliver agility to your production operations — simplifying management and material flow, and eliminating wasted material, movement and time. But how do you develop an efficient “pull system”?

Click on the image to the right to download Valin's free Lean Manufacturing Cell eBook where you will learn four key practical considerations and strategies for line design, material delivery, and worker ergonomics that will help you optimize your production environment.

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