Semiconductor Manufacturing Process Products and Applicability

Precision Sensor Product Applicability for Semiconductor Process

Precision Sensors designs and manufactures electromechanical and solid-state pressure, vacuum, liquid level, temperature, flow, and switches for semiconductor process markets. Precision Sensors delivers fundamental value as leaders in safety, alarm, and shutdown.

In the graph above the abbreviations stand for the following:

PS: Pressure Switch
FS: Flow Switch
PT: Pressure Transducer
LDP: LDP ECHOLINE® Series Low Pressure Monitor

The colored arrows show where these products are used in the Semiconductor manufacturing process. Learn more about each of these products in the links below.

High Purity and Exhaust Gases

These products are used for alarm, shut down and interlock applications for "clean" gas/air systems.

Liquid D I Water, Waste Water

These products are used for alarm, shut down, monitor and control of fluid systems.

Quality System

Precision Sensors maintains Certification of Approval to ISO 9001:2015 and AS9001 Revision D

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