ASCO™ Direct Mount Inline Spool Valves Series 8551-8553

ASCO Direct Mount Inline Spool Valves Series 8551-8553
ASCO™ Series 8551/8553 direct mount valves are 3-way or 4-way, 5 ported 2 position piloted spool type single or dual solenoid valves designed for air or inert gas service. Valves are made of rugged anodized aluminum.

A built-in manual operator allows manual operation when desired or during an electrical power outage. Each valve may be used for 3-way (normally closed) or 4-way operation by using the appropriate flow plate provided. Flow plates are marked (3/2) for 3 Ports, 2 Positions (3-way operation) or (5/2) for 5 Ports, 2 Positions (4-way operation). These valves are supplied with all necessary hardware for a NAMUR direct mount installation i.e. flow plates, gaskets, mounting screws, and a lcoating set screw.

Direct Mount Inline Spool Valves series 8551/8553 Features:

  • Compact spool valve convertible from 3/2 to 5/2
  • NAMUR mount construction
  • Standard manual operator
  • DIN, Watertight and Explosionproof solenoids available
  • Single and dual solenoid constructions
  • Mountable in any position
  • Vents air from spring side of actuator to prevent corrosion of actuator

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