WIKA Pressure Measurement

The WIKA portfolio contains a number of product lines and is suited to the widest range of applications. In addition, many instruments can be customized or combined with other components to create customized solutions.


WIKA Pressure Measurement
WIKA offers a complete range of electronic pressure measuring instruments: Pressure sensors, pressure gauges with output signal, and process transmitters for the measurement of over-, absolute and differential pressure. The different pressure measuring instruments are used for the monitoring of overpressure, in level measurements on tanks and vessels, and also for flow measurement in combination with an orifice plate or a Venturi tube.

Switch Output

In our measuring instruments we utilize the latest sensor technology which has been tested and proven in each plant component in the power plant industry. These work without any kind of mechanical contact, consequently they are wear-resistant, and there’s absolutely no influence on the mechanics. Furthermore the direct switching of electrical loads up to AC 250 V / 20 A is enabled. The instruments can be used in all safety-critical applications (SIL certificate).


Pressure gauges for over-, absolute, and differential pressure with Bourdon tube, diaphragm, or capsule pressure elements have been proven millions of times over. Since these measuring instruments work independently of any power supply, they can be used in parallel to electrical transmitters, particularly in safety-related applications for pressure monitoring.

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