Industrial Heating Tape

Heavy Insulated Heat Tape
AWD Duo-Tapes® and AWH Mono-Tapes® are heating tapes that have been specifically designed for industrial use – such as vacuum bake-outs, exhaust gas sampling and hot melt transfer pipes. These heating tapes work well for those applications that require a helping hand. When the temperature requirements exceed the capabilities of the elastomeric heating element, AWD and AWH heating tapes will allow for the temperature requirements to be met safely and efficiently.

AWD and AWM heating tapes are offered as both single and double Duo-Tapes®. These heavy industrial tapes are meant to be used in high-temperature applications, and have been constructed to incorporate stranded, Ni alloy wire, braided with AMOX™ yarn, giving it additional resilience. These heating tapes are constructed specifically to minimize thermal shock and tensile stress through the particular way in which the tape is knitted – namely a serpentine pattern created with multi-strand resistance wire.

Product Highlights

  • Heating tapes may be operated to 1200°F (650°C) with de-energized exposures to 1400°F (760°C) delivering a high watt density of 8.67 W/in²
  • Duo-Tape® power leads on one end provides a unique, dual element circuit design allowing lead wires to exit from one end of the tape.
  • Knitted, serpentine construction minimizes expansion, vibration and thermal stress, for longer life and flexibility
  • Multi-strand wire elements are flexible and manufactured for high temperature
  • Heavy Braided Outer Cover is fabricated with heavy AMOX™ yarn, ensuring high temperature capability up to 1200°F (650°C)
  • High Temperature Lead Wires - 48 inch (1.2M) Leads on One End

Download the Industrial Heavy Insulated Non-Hazardous Heat Tape Datashheet

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