E-W Series Absolute Pressure Switch

E-W Series Absolute Pressure Switch
The E48W, E36W and E17W series absolute high purity pressure switches offer accurate, repeatable switching for monitor/control and alarm/shut down protection. Specifically designed for high purity gas systems, and to operate at pressure points referenced to absolute zero. These products should be specified when changes in atmospheric pressure would have an adverse effect on switch operation or when hermetically sealed contacts are required.

E-W Series Absolute Pressure Switch Features

  • Tamper proof (factory) setting
  • Welded construction
  • Secondary seal for added protection
  • Reverse positive pressure protected
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Factory set to customer specifications

E-W Series Absolute Pressure Switch Specifications

Available Settings 10 to 150 Torr 100 to 1500 Torr 1000 to 5000 Torr
Deadband 20 Torr + 5% of Setting 40 Torr + 6% of Setting 200 Torr + 7% of Setting
Repeatability ± 5 Torr + 2% of Setting ± 15 Torr + 2% of Setting ± 75 Torr + 4% of Setting
*Internal Volume2.22 CC 1.06 CC 0.46 CC
**Proof Pressure 0 psia – 15 psig 0 psia – 25 psig 0 psia – 300psig
**Operating Temp. Range  0° to 130° F 0° to 130° F 0° to 130° F
Finish 5 Ra typical 5 Ra typical 5 Ra typical
Wetted Materials 316L per F20 316L per F20 316L per F20
Media Connections1/4″ end seal type 1/4″ end seal type 1/4″ end seal type
 1.125″ “C” Seal 1.125″ “C” Seal 1.125″ “C” Seal
 NW25 flange  
Electrical ConnectionsFree LeadsFree LeadsFree Leads
 Crimp Type ConnectorsCrimp Type ConnectorsCrimp Type Connectors
 D SubD Sub 
Min. Operating Life 5 Million cycles 5 million cycles 1 million cycles
Approvals UL, CE, ISO 13849UL, CE, ISO 13849UL, CE, ISO 13849
Warranty 36 Months 60 Months 36 Months
*With 1/4″ male end seal type
**Higher temperature range and proof pressures available

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Download W Series High Purity Pressure Switches for Clean Gas Applications Catalog

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