Machine Frames and Enclosures

Need a Custom Framing Solution?  Valin Can Help!

For engineers in manufacturing to have maximum energy focused on core and critical parts of their process, the last things they need to worry about are the details of the machine structure, enclosure and selection of motion components. In order to better streamline the machine design process, Valin offers its Machine Frames and Enclosures line. 

Typically composed of aluminum profile, panes, doors, hardware and feet/rollers, Valin’s Machine Frames and Enclosures line are designed for machine builders, system integrators and end users who are developing production equipment in-house. 

By integrating Valin’s Machine Frames and Enclosure line, you are able to save design and machine build time and greatly reduce the assembly labor needed. Valin offers a completely customizable and easy-to-modify framing solution through our expert 3D CAD design.  Our fully integrated “concept-to-production” process allows for a fast track structural profile design program. Valin provides inventory of framing materials along with an all-under-one-roof framing design, fabrication and assembly operations.

Machine Frames and Enclosures

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