Process Heat

At Valin, we know heat. We have worked on the toughest applications in the industry and have over 200 years of process heating experience in our knowledge center. Valin enhances work performance and profitability by expertly sizing your heater and matching it with an appropriate control scheme. 

We can heat air, liquids, or solids. Our offerings include tank heaters, inline heaters, and comfort heaters (both ordinary and hazardous locations) and heat trace. Skid systems are our specialty, and our in-house engineering team can size a pump, specify the right valves and instrumentation, and create an entire customer-designed skid ideal for your application. 

Process Heat Products

Components:  These heaters can be used by themselves or as part of a larger system, offering endless variety and ability to handle your most complex heating needs.

Immersion Heaters:  Whatever you tank size or material, Valin can help you heat with a direct or indirect immersion style heater. Need to replace your heater without draining the tank?  No problem!  Have an extremely aggressive or viscous fluid? Valin can help!

Inline: If it is flowing through a pipe, Valin can heat it!  From gaseous streams to corrosive liquids, our experts can size a heater for long lasting life and continuous reliable heating.  Need a quick turndown or have variable flow? No problem!  We will pair it with a solid-state controller for ultra-fast response.

Packaged Systems:  This is where Valin shines!  We can put together a skid with a heater, pump, control panel, automated valves and full SCADA integration. 

Process Air:  From duct heaters to portable radiant, we can heat it!  Common applications include curing, drying and heat treating. 

Comfort: Whether you need a convection heater, blower, or radiant heater, Valin has you covered!  Need a hazardous location rated heater?  No problem!  Valin has both Class I and Class II rated models, complete with thermostats and (where applicable) fan switches. 

Industrial Heat Trace:  Prevent your systems from freezing up by partnering with Valin and our full-service Heat Trace Team.

Roof & Gutter Heating: Valin’s patented Heat Trace Specialists Snofree™ Roof Panel System will help protect your valuable investment.

Controls: No system is complete without a control loop.  From power controls to temperature controls, from a thermostat to a complex PLC equipped with multiple i/o and communications, trust Valin to match your heater with the appropriate control panel. 

Contact a process heat specialist today at (855) 737-4718, or fill out our online form to find a solution for your heating needs.
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