For a half century, Bruest has provided flameless infrared catalytic heaters for high and low pressure pipeline applications ranging from city gates and LDC town border stations to drilling rigs, pharmaceutical manufacturers to rural electric co-ops.

Today, much of their work is with the important CNG sector, where Bruest's patent pending "letdown" technology offers substantial advantages in monitoring capability, and the ability to use freely in hazardous locations.

As always, Bruest's focus is high quality systems that outperform the competition in all aspects that are
important to customers: capital cost, ease and flexibility of use, operational expense, maintenance, and environmentals.

Bruest catalytic heaters are engineered for decades of maintenance-free service. Many Bruest systems have been in continuous use for 25 years or more without requiring overhaul or repair.

The Bruest Catalytic Team is committed to continuous improvement in every facet of our work, from development and engineering through manufacturing and quality assurance. We are committed to meeting the evolving needs of the natural gas industry.

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A wide variety of product types are in the new RCP6 series, which also include wide slider types and wide radial cylinder types and no battery maintenance is required because there is no battery. Since home-return is not required at equipment startup or after an emergency stop, this feature reduces operation time and production costs.