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Omron FH Vision System

FH Vision System
Industry’s Fastest Compact Vision System

Omron's FH vision systems are designed for seamless integration with PLC's, Motion Controllers and Robotic Control Systems. Exceptionally efficient vision algorithms and high-speed image processing make the FH perfect for applications in speed manufacturing machines of all types. And now with the introduction of the FH Lite version and new high resolution cameras, the series accommodates for medium speed applications as well. With the exception of EtherCAT availability, the FH-L offers the same benefits at a lower cost to fulfill applications that require less horse power in terms of speed.

  • Two and Four-core high speed processing enable high speed inspection for fast moving lines
  • Fast EtherCAT communications contribute to high speed control as the vision system interacts with Omron's Machine Automation Controllers (NJ/NX)
  • Systems available to take 2, 4 or 8 cameras provide great flexibility for mulitiple inspection points
  • Over 100 tools available provide a solution to most vision inspection applications found in today's manufacturing
  • EtherNet and RS-232 connectivity
  • Compatibility with FZ and FH cameras, provides swift transition from FZ to FH systems without investing in new cameras nor cables
  • Integrated NPN and PNP inputs and outputs make the FH very flexible solution as you define the best method to solve the application
  • Customization of the user interface allows "personalization" to OEM or End User
  • Innovative Shape Search III provides robust detection under various adverse conditions (light variations, interfering backgrounds, blurry images, etc.)

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Matrox Iris GT Vision System

Matrox Iris GT Vision System
Matrox Iris GT combines the integration of a smart camera with the programmability of a PC-based machine vision system. An Intel® Atom® processor, choice of Microsoft® Windows® Embedded CE or XP Embedded operating systems, and keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) support, enable the Matrox Iris GT to provide a PC-like environment for deploying fully custom applications.

A choice of monochrome or color CCD sensors, combined with an efficient CPU, allows the Matrox Iris GT to tackle a variety of machine vision applications. Gigabit Ethernet,USB and RS-232 connectivity, as well as GPIOs, give the Matrox Iris GT the ability to interface with automation equipment and enterprise systems. An IP67-rated housing and M12 connectors make the Matrox Iris GT perfectly suited for harsh industrial environments. A DIN-mountable breakout box is available separately to easily connect the Matrox Iris GT to electrical panels.


  • Efficient Intel® Atom® (Z530) embedded processor
  • Pre-installed with Microsoft® Windows® Embedded CE or XP Embedded (XPe)
  • Programmed using Microsoft® Visual Studio® and Matrox Imaging Library (MIL)
  • VGA to 5 Mpixel monochrome or color CCD sensor
  • Opto-coupled trigger input and strobe output
  • VGA output
  • Gigabit Ethernet and USB connectivity
  • 8 GPIOs and RS-232 serial port
  • Controlled current source for powering LED illuminators directly
  • Rugged construction with IP67-rated housing and M12 connectors

Windows® Embedded

The Matrox Iris GT comes pre-installed with either Microsoft® Windows® Embedded CE or XP Embedded®. Windows® Embedded CE delivers real-time performance in a smaller memory footprint and is programmed using a subset of the Windows® API. The Matrox Iris GT running Windows® Embedded CE includes support for the EtherNet/IP™1 and MODBUS® industrial communication protocols. Windows® XP Embedded on the other hand, is a pared down version of Windows® XP Professional with extended availability and support. For both operating systems, application development is cross-platform (i.e., PC linked to smart camera) and is done using the familiar Microsoft® Visual Studio® integrated development environment.

Omron FQ2 Smart Camera: The New Standard in Image Inspection and Code Verification

Omron FQ2 Vision Sensor
The FQ2 vision sensor family is set to redefine the vision sensor market, providing advanced inspection, code reading and verification only previously available in higher end vision systems. With over 100 camera options, the FQ2 provides users with the ultimate flexibility to solve a variety of applications. Whether you need high resolution, code reading, integrated lighting, or a cost effective solution to solve a simple application, there is an FQ2 that fits your every need.

  • Powerful functionality with versatile line-up
  • New .NET control Functionality helps in customizing the user interface to monitor or display measurement images and/or inspection results
  • All-in-one-housing
  • New Shape Search III, enables to search, match and position detection of registered models at high speed.
  • Direct Part Marked (DPM)
  • Unique OCR technology
  • Quickly reads characters without dictionary registration
  • Code verification
  • Advanced Inspection
  • New Calendar Function eliminates the need to set the date code manually
  • Simulation Software allows to troubleshoot remotely and make adjustments to the inspection without being in the production line

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