Spinea High-Precision Cycloidal Reduction Gearheads

Industry leading robot manufacturers, such KUKA, ABB and Comau, use Spinea gearboxes in their robot arms.

Spinea’s gearboxes are also preferred in the listed application examples because of their cycloidal technology that offers many benefits and specs not matched by their competition.

And Valin can now give you access to Spinea’s gearboxes.

These gearboxes are capable of less than 1 arc-min of lost motion and zero backlash, resulting in excellent positional accuracy and repeatability.

The use of needle and cross roller bearings in their design allows this product line to achieve a high tilting moment.

Being able to achieve such a high moment capacity and high stiffness allows customers to mount directly to the gearbox, reducing the footprint, mass and cost of an external bearing support.

Spinea’s gearboxes can transmit higher torques, achieve higher stiffness and a higher shock load capacity than it’s competition.

This is due to it’s design, which comprises of 2 gearwheels and transmission crosses.

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