Omron's Solutions for Manufacturing Challenges

Product Safety
  • Safe Autos
  • Accurate Recalls
  • Food Allergens
  • Non-counterfeit Drugs

Product Tracking
  • Ethical Sourcing
  • Organic Ingredients
  • Social Responsibility

Regulatory Drivers
  • NHSA
  • GS1
  • FMSA

Manufacturing Trends and Drivers
  • Quality control to reduce cost
  • Supply chain management
  • Recall control

  • Highspeed production lines
  • High variety of products
  • Complex supply chains
  • Marking and reading technology
  • Validation
  • Data connectivity

Omron Solutions


  • The Challenge: Creating durable marks that last forever, and small marks that fit in tight spaces
  • Solution: Omron’s MX-Z family of laser markers
    • High resolution
    • High permanence
    • Produce legible letters in 1 point font
    • One of the fastest marking methods available


  • The Challenge: Creating extraordinarily small codes with high quality
  • Solution: Omron’s LVS-9580 and LVS-9585 Verifiers
    • Ultra high density inspection
    • Grading code cells down to 2 mill
    • Half the GS1 minimum size


  • The Challenge: Reading codes damaged by manufacturing environments
  • Solution: Omron’s MicroHAWK line and HS-360X readers
    • X-Mode decoding algorithms read challenging and damaged codes
    • Work reliably with difficult part geometries and poor lighting


  • The Challenge: High speed capture. Linking control and enterprise system. Variety of controls, systems and networks.
  • Solution: Omron’s NX/NJ controllers
    • Direct database connectivity using SQL
    • Secure machine data transfer using OPC UA
    • High speed data connectivity without affecting machine performance.

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