Modular Automation from Oriental Motor

Introducing the modular automation line of products from Oriental Motor. Modular automation is a rapidly expanding form of automation where traditional assembly lines are transformed into modular assembly lines using automation products designed for DC power or battery input. Modular automation components allow factory design engineers the flexibility and products to design modular and mobile assembly lines supporting small lot production or a variety of products assembled on the same production machines.

Modular automation products are based on battery operation and are compact and lightweight. The global manufacturing situation has changed significantly. Typically, manufacturing has used both manpower and machine. Now with the shortage of manpower automation is advancing to solve the problems facing us in the manufacturing process. However, there are some problems with today's processes such as conveyors that separate the production lines and workers cannot cross in between the lines. For example, if you change the conveyor to a transport robot the need for an AC power line is not there and the flexibility and range will expand for transporting products. This allows for the flexibility in the production line layout. Product requirements for achieving a flexible production line layout are battery driven DC power input and are lightweight and compact in size.

Introducing the BLV Series R-type and the AZ Series Mini Driver. Products that provide infinite ideas and possibilities for the next generation of automation.

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