How to Update Omron's Sysmac Studio and CXOne Software

Hello, my name is Ray Marquiss.  I'm a Senior Application Engineer at Valin Corporation, and this very short video is going to show you how to update your Omron programming software packages, either Sysmac Studio or CXOne.
Your setup may look different, but go to the Sysmac studio group in Windows, and then you'll scroll down until you see the automation software auto update. The process is the same for CXOne. Go to the CXOne group in Windows and then look for the auto updater.

The first time you run the update, you'll be presented with this window that asks you for your email and license number. However, these won't let you update if you haven't registered the software. If you haven't registered the software yet, there's a convenient link here that says “Click Here,” if you have not registered and it'll allow you to go through the registration process.  To complete that process, you'll need your license number and some other information that you received when you got your programming package.

Once you click on the auto update icon, you'll see this window that shows you that it's searching for updates for CXOne and Sysmac Studio. If you have both packages installed, it will update them both at the same time. It takes quite a while to do this, maybe 10 or 15 minutes, so I'm going to splice the video to shorten that time. Once it finishes searching for updates, you'll see them listed. If you'd like, you can check on the plus box next to it to see different version information and reference dates to them, but essentially here what the next step would be is to click on the download only button. I prefer to download only rather than install because I can download the files and then install them later at my convenience.
Once you click on the download only button. Then it will start the download process, but you have to tell it where you want to save the files first.  I'm going through where I save mine. It's in a folder that I keep all the updates in case I ever have to go back. You can stash them wherever you'd like. Once it starts, you'll notice that it seems to go fairly fast. The first file that it gets will show that it completes, but then that will increment the total download progress bar down below. You'll see that here. So since it's going to take a while, I'm going to go ahead and skip all of this so that you have to watch it. Just download everything.

Once it's complete, you're basically done with this window, so you can click on the Exit button to close this downloader out. Next you'll go into where you saved them on your PC, you'll go to that folder that you saved the updates in. Once you get there, you'll see the updates listed in order. And you just execute these in order from top to bottom until you're done.  As you're going through the updates, you'll be asked some questions perhaps, and you basically you answer yes to everything that it asks you and you should be fine.

That’s all it takes to get your Sysmac Studio and CXOne software updated using the auto updater. I hope this helps. If you have questions you can contact us using the information on the screen.

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