How To Set Up an Ethernet/IP Config Between an Omron NX102 Controller and an Omron V430 Code Reader

Hello everyone, today I will show you how to set up an Ethernet IP configuration between an Omron Machine Automation Controller and NX102 with an Omron V430 Code Reader.

I'm Tom Trinh, Senior Application Engineer for Valin Corporation. Let's get started.

So first and foremost, you want to create two global variables. I already created here but let me show you. So you want to create the first one as EIP_In with an array of 84 bytes and make sure that you select it as an input under network publish. You then want to create another one, and EIP_Out with an array of 12 bytes and under network publish make sure you select output. So these are the two global variables that used to communicate back and forth between the PLC, and an Omron V430 bar code reader.

So once you've done this, you want to launch the Ethernet IP configuration. So you want to select tools and select Ethernet IP connection setting. Since I'm connecting the online V430 code reader to the first port of the PLC, which is, so I want to click that. OK, then, at this point I want to add that V430. I’m going to give it an address and that address would be 192.168.250. 5. I'm going to select it from this dropdown and you want to select the V430-F and make sure you selected revision which is 1. And then click add. Once you've done that. You want to go to the Tag Sets here and you want to Registration All. So why it would do is basically see how it automatically creates the Tag Set for you here. OK, you still have to do one more. You need to click Register here. So once you've done that, you want to go down to the connection. And another connection, you click the plus sign. I click one too many, so I’m going to delete one of them.And then under target device, you click the arrow down and you select the V430F that you just added over here. Once you've done that, the target variable for the input you want to select 100 assembly for the input. Ann the variable that you want to use  will be EIP_ In that you created already under global variable. And then for the output you want to use the 198 assembly with the output. And under originator variable you want to select EIP_Out. So once you've done this, what you want to do is to go online with the PLC by clicking this icon or you select controller and go online. But I'm going to click this one now. So what you want to do is to transfer your set up to the controller by selecting this transfer to controller. So you want to select the first one, execute the transfer to the controller operation in run mode. Then you want to probably compare to make sure everything is good. Alright. So it's successfully download your configuration. You want to click OK. Now at this point you probably want to synchronize  your set up with global variables that you set up with the program. I already done that for you, otherwise you're going to select the transfer the controller. So I'm going to get out of this. At this point we already to check it out. In my program, I have one instruction that I used to basically convert the array to the string so the data is coming into the EIP_In. So I'm converting that into a string and I store that result into the variable called DATA. So let me show you what we have here. What I can do at this point I'm going to show you both the Windows so you can see the camera as well. Here we go. So that's the camera. I need to resize my Windows here as well so you can see more. Let me zoom in a little bit. So at this point, what I can do now is I'm going to go ahead and trigger this. So bit 0 f the byte EIP_OUT. The element #4 is basically the trigger. So as soon as I put one here it will trigger the camera and it will capture. Do it again.  There you go. It reads the code and that code is NPA351-09. Now if I go here and toggle my bit here. There you go. The data is that. I'm seeing is NPA351- 09 on my PLC side now. So let me turn it around so it has another code here. I'm going to trigger it again using my bit here. Here we go. So this one is NPA352- 09. And if I go here and follow this, I have NPA352- 09. So that's how you set up the Ethernet IP configuration for an Omron Machine Automation Controller NX102 and an Omron V430 code reader. If you have any questions, please call us at the number below. Thanks for watching.

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