Episode # 62: Electric Actuators for Explosion Proof Requirements

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The Motion Control Show

In certain industries, explosive materials and flammable gases can be a danger, especially if the equipment could ignite it.  So there are certain things we want to take a look at and understand just like many applications.  I am Corey Foster at Valin Corporation.  Reach out to us at this email address and website here.  We are always happy to help.  Let's see what we can learn. 

There are a couple of certifications for hazardous or explosion proof requirements.  One is the CE/ATEX requirement and the other one is the IEC explosion proof requirement.  They have different areas of expertise, different requirements and so a customer may need one, but we may have a product for the other.  That is something we have to be aware of. 

There are a couple of different factors as always…

Chemicals and the gases: what are the chemicals?  What are the gases?  How ignitable are they?  What is it that is going to set them off?  

Static electricity can be caused by the pulling of plastic off of a roll for example or winding a roll on there.  Web applications, even printing applications, can be sources of static electricity.

Flammable dust.  Now you would not think about this, but granaries and flour mills, bakeries even where there is a lot of flour in the air, may be hazardous.  Flour can actually be pretty darn flammable, so that is an area where explosion proof products really should be used. 

There are two typical methods used.  One is explosion proof, which is to withstand and contain an explosion within the product.  The other one is purged and pressurized where we want to prevent the explosion altogether.  Typically that is purging air from inside the motor or actuator and replacing it with something like nitrogen instead of that flammable air.  

I hope this helps.  I am Corey Foster at Valin Corporation.  Reach out to us here if you have questions or if you have an application we can help on.  We are always happy to help.

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