Semi Fab Upgrades Gas Cabinet with Echoline to Prevent Costly Shutdowns

Semi Fab

Gas Cabinet and BCDS

Risk of Harm
  • Semiconductor Fab needs to detect any drift or exhaust failure
  • Semi S6 Tracer gas testing: concentration >OEL/LEL
  • Human and environment hazards protection
  • Operators need to know that the tool is safe
  • UL991/S2-0818 Safety interlocks
  • Fail to safety

BCDS Systems and Gas Cabinets Handling Hazardous Chemicals
Key Safety Requirements
  1. Stable monitoring (no drift)
  2. Visual for the operator
  3. Dry contacts + Analog output
  4. Fail safe output: Interlock
  5. Auto diagnostics
  6. Time delay prevents shut down
  7. Maintenance mode
  8. Local/manual reset button
  9. MTBF >200,000 hours

Industry Certifications
  • Semi S2-0200*
  • UL991 compliant*
  • UL508*
  • EN61-326 EMI
  • CE/RoHS certified
  • ISO9001
* North America Requirements

Echoline Smart Sensor

 Echoline LDP Series
Low Differential Pressure Monitoring
  • Sensitive down to 5 Pa
  • High and low limits: Dry contact alarm #1
  • Pressure display in Pa or IN. WC.
  • Alarm status with Red/Green LEDs
  • Pressure reading: 0-10 volts output
  • Maintenance mode and reset button

Echo Circuit: Auto Diagnostic Feature
  • Fail safe/Dry contact alarm #2
  • Temporarily span high and low settings to 5 and 95% range
  • Avoids trips and downtime
  • Analog electronics: No microcontroller. No bug: 100% safe!

Technology Comparison

Monitoring Negative Pressure: P1<P2

2 Low Pressure Sensor Models Available

Echoline LDP
  • For corrosive media: from 0-500 Pa, up to 0-2,000 Pa
  • For non-corrosive media: From 0-50 Pa, up to 0-2,000 Pa

LPS Series
  • From 0-50 Pa. up to 0-2,000 Pa


Echoline LDP Series
  • SMART sensor with auto diagnostic providing UL991 and S2 compliance
  • Best stability: No drift
  • 100% analog design: No bugs!
  • MTBF >200,000 hours

Echoline LDP Series
Cost Competitive
  • No need for redundancy
  • No need for regular inspections
  • Ships with the cabinet: No install labor at customer
  • Prevents costly shutdowns
  • Built in 3rd party safety certification

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