Achieve Higher Performance and Better Control for Your Process

By Corey Foster


By using higher performing electric actuators from the motion control industry to control valves in the process industries, customers can achieve higher performance and better control for their processes.


A refining customer needed better performance out of their valve, and regular valve actuators just couldn’t do what they wanted. They needed the actuator to position and hold the valve more accurately then what they were currently able to do. Additionally, they had an existing control system that put out 0-10 Vdc to control the actuator’s position and they didn’t want it modified.


The customer worked with a Valin Application Engineer to size an electric cylinder, gearbox and servo motor powered by an appropriate controller/drive.  The controller was able to accept a 0-10 Vdc signal and, by entering a simple program, control the linear position based upon an 8” travel length.

Precision Valve Actuator


The customer loved their solution and achieved their goal of being able to control the valve more accurately than any other standard valve actuator they had been able to find. They became so dependent upon this system that they purchased a second system just to have as a spare because they found they couldn’t do without it. 

This customer also recommended this solution to their refiner-distributor from whom they originally sought a solution for the valve actuator. That distributor purchased several systems for a few different customers of theirs who were also seeking higher performance than they could achieve with any of their existing solutions.

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