Robotic Control Units & Accessories

Control Units & Accessories

SmartController EX

Omron Adept Smart Controller EX product photo
The SmartController EX is an ultra-compact, high-performance, distributed robot motion controller capable of controlling an entire production line including up to 15 robots and third-party peripherals. The controller's distributed architecture, embedded software, integrated belt tracking and high-speed communications allows users to integrate their automation systems with the user-friendly interface of the ACE PC-based software.

It is designed for use with Adept Cobra s-series SCARA robots, Viper six-axis robots, Quattro parallel robots and Python Linear Modules. The controller features Gigabit Ethernet, a high-speed processor and new software, called Adept eV+. Integration with the Adept SmartVision delivers seamless control of your vision systems, belts and robots. The Adept SmartController EX is smart control delivered.
Omron Adept T20 Pendant product photo

T20 Pendant

The Adept T20 manual control pendant provides an ergonomic and durable package, which users can manually teach the robot system. All gripping and holding positions enable comfortable and fatigue-free operation. The Adept T20 pendant is compatible with any robot that is controlled by the Adept SmartController EX motion controller.

Vision & Inspection Guidance

Omron's Adept SmartVision™ MX is a high-performance vision processor optimized for machine vision applications. The SmartVison MX is the easiest and most dependable way to add powerful vision guidance to your robotic applications. Ideal for use in factory settings, the system features a rugged, fanless construction, a solid-state hard drive, and a wide operating temperature range, ensuring high reliability.

Gigabit Ethernet ports with Power over Ethernet (GigE PoE) and USB 3.0 ports accommodate a wide variety of machine vision cameras. The SmartVision MX comes factory loaded with Adept’s powerful ACE software platform; optional extensions include AdeptSight™ for vision-guided and inspection applications, and ACE PackXpert™ for deployment of complete packaging applications.

Omron's Adept SmartVision™ MX product photo
  • Powerful computer is capable of processing high resolution and high frame rate images
  • Improves reliablity and minimizes maintenance requirements in industrial settings
  • Supports up to eight cameras simultaneously (max depends on application requirements)
  • AdeptSight vision extension provides powerful and easy-to-use object location and inspection tools
  • Simplifies deployment of packaging automation solutions with wizard-based configurations and minimal programming requirements

Vision Guidance: ACE Sight

ACE Sight
The ACE Sight is an easy-to-use, standalone vision guidance and inspection package that runs on a PC, and comes complete with all the necessary hardware and accessories. This software includes a powerful framework that can be used to develop customized vision guidance and inspection applications. Its simple graphical user interface allows you to quickly develop robust and accurate vision applications. ACE Sight simplifies deployment in difficult conditions with its robust vision and its algorithms are tolerant to poor lighting, noise, and occlusions.

Controller Software 

Adept V+

The Adept V+ real-time and multi-tasking operating system manages all system level operations, such as IO, program execution, task management, memory management and disk file operations. As a programming language, V+ has a rich history and has evolved into the most powerful, safe and predictable, robot programming language available today. V+ is the only language to provide an integrated solution to all of the programming needs in a robotic workcell, including safety, robot motion, vision operations, force sensing and I/O.

PC Software

ACE PackXpert™

ACE PackXpert
ACE PackXpert is the powerful, all-in-one packaging software solution from Adept Technology. It is the intelligent software choice designed to manage packaging systems from integration to deployment. Built upon Adept's fully-integrated application development environment, Adept ACE™, ACE PackXpert is the solution that meets the unique needs of packaging manufacturers.

  • Optimized for packaging applications
  • Easy to use
  • Completely flexible
  • Enables higher product mix and changeover
  • Reduces integration costs
  • Accelerates time to market
  • Provides increased flexibility and accuracy

Adept ACE™ (Automation Control Environment) 

Adept ACE
Adept ACE is the powerful, all-in-one software solution from Adept. It features an integrated, point-and-click development environment for Adept’s entire product portfolio of robots and controls. Adept ACE provides an effective way to deploy applications that meet a planned specification, without lengthy, overly-complicated programming. The product is crafted on a software framework that makes it easy to entirely configure, program, and manage single and multi-robot systems (including mixed systems), conveyors, feeders, vision, and device IO assignments, without seeing anything other than a user-friendly, PC-based interface.

Adept ACE has the tools and functionality needed to rapidly integrate an entire robot line from concept to a fully-operational system. The software includes configuration tools and basic programming features. Optional licenses allow you to enable enhanced functionality to customize Adept ACE for your specific programming needs, such as AdeptSight™ for vision-guided and inspection applications, and ACE PackXpert™ for deployment of complete packaging applications.

  • Ensures system reliability and high production uptime
  • Increases productivity
  • Enables higher product mix and changeover
  • Reduces integration costs
  • Rapid design, deployment and time to market
  • Provides increased flexibility and accuracy

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Mounting Hardware


Round and square pedestals of different heights are easy to mount, use, and manage in a wide variety of applications and environments.


Custom Tables 

We can design and build just the table or mounting base you need for your robot application.

Teach Pendant Holder

Swivellink Teach Pedant Holder for Fanuc Teach Pendant.  Fits AFSB-1, AFSB-1-15 imperial blue ball bases and SLM-1, SLM-1-40 metric gray ball bases

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