Omron's MC-Z2000H-V1 Fiber Laser Marker: Precise, Durable and Flexible Marking

Submitted on Wed, 01/29/2020
Omron's MX-Z2000H Fiber Laser Marker is a flexible solution for marking metals, plastics, resins and other materials that makes it easier than ever to set up a robust, real-time traceability system.

Thanks to its integrated vision, the MX-Z2000H doesn’t require rigid fixtures for part positioning. It orients parts, marks parts, and verifies the marks in just one step. Enhanced 3D marking enables code placement on spherical, conical and other curved surfaces.

Key features of the MX-Z2000H:

  • G-DAC (Galvano Dynamic Acceleration Control) for high-speed, clear marking
  • Direct Finder Link for vision system connectivity
  • Fine Detail and Deep Marking modes
  • Durable IP65 laser head

MX-Z2000H-V1 Fiber Laser Marker Features:

  • 3-axis Laser Marking:  Clean marking is now possible for 3D surfaces — including stepped, sloped, curved, conical and spherical surfaces — without the need for additional software.
  • 1D and 2D Code Marking:  The perfect solution for applications that would otherwise require precise product orientation before marking or inspecting.
  • Fine Detail to Deep Engraving:  Laser is fully adjustable with a fine detail or deep marking modes to achieve the desired type of marking.
Key Features of the MX-Z2000H

Key Technology Built Right In:

  • Fast, reliable quality: Range of 0.2mm to 120mm for individual characters
  • Long-life laser with high quality and stability: MOPA (Master Oscillator Power Amplifier) for laser pulse control
  • Flexible Vision Technology: Integrated vision for alignment and code verification
  • Powerful integration: EtherNet/IP connectivity to PLCs and SQL databases via Sysmac platform

Marking Flexibility:

With vision connectivity, the MX-Z2000H-V1 series lets you perform several tasks all at once, including product alignment, marking and verification of the mark produced. That helps you reduce the number of operations, shorten cycle time and cut equipment costs.  The MX-Z2000H Series is great for either deep or shallow engraving in metals, marking on plastics/resins or plastic films as well as fine processing. Mark anything from electronic parts to automotive parts.

A Versatile Traceability Solution for Any Industry:

The MX-Z2000H is used in a variety of industries requiring high-volume use, such as:
  • Automotive parts
  • Medical device
  • Electronic components
  • Industrial machinery
  • Industrial tooling
  • Consumer products
With new compatibility to the long-life Omron G7SA safety relay for the laser safety interlock, the relay’s lifespan has been dramatically improved, with an ISO 13849-1 B10d rating of 20 million cycles.

In addition, the safety relay can easily be replaced in the event of a failure. Fast restart of the MX-Z2000H-V1 laser after re-engaging of the relay, such as after shutting the door of a laser marker enclosure, helps maximize marker productivity.

With the addition of 16 new EtherNet/IP commands and the twofold size increase of the supported command and response area, the MX-Z200H-V1 now provides increased control options via a PLC. Legacy programs developed for MZ-Z2000 Series markers are also supported, eliminating the need to modify an existing program when switching to the new series.

Finally, the new version 4.0 marking template software has been expanded to include Spanish language support. Existing marking templates created in version 3.0 software can be imported into the version 4.0 software.

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