Omron Tips and Tricks for Sysmac Studio and CX-One

As part of Valin's commitment to our customers, we are pleased to share the following Tips & Tricks to make working with Omron Sysmac Studio and CX-One products a little easier

How to find out the IP address of an Omron PLC:  Video  |  PDF

Omron Practices Guide for NX1P Programming

Sysmac Studio and CX-One Licensing: Updates and Upgrades

Omron does not charge annual license or subscription fees for their Sysmac Studio or CX-One software. Software registration (see tips on this page) entitles the user to free updates. Updates are the decimal revisions to the software such as when the software version number changes from 1.2 to 1.3 or 1.5. Whenever Omron updates the software, the customer can use their registration info to get a free update. Software is not updated automatically.

Upgrades are different and we call them "Integer revisions". So, if Omron changed the software version number from 1.2 to 2.1, that upgrade would have to be purchased by the customer, but with their existing registration info, they would get a substantial discount over customers buying for the first time.

It is important to note that customers are not required to upgrade their software to keep using the same hardware. For example, a machine builder designs in a PLC today and buys the software. If in 5 years he is still building with that same PLC model, and if Omron announces an upgraded software, he is not required to upgrade and can keep buying the same PLC and using the originally purchased/updated version of software.

As of November 2020, Omron has not had an upgrade to Sysmac Studio or CX-One in about 10 years, but they have had plenty of free updates.

Register Your Software

Please save and protect your license number and product code.  Customers lose them often and it's difficult to recover unless you register your software.

It’s very important that you register your Omron programming software with Omron.  Registration will not flood your email and will give you easy access to FREE updates to the software, which is updated at least once a year.  In addition, when you log into your registration account, you may be able to retrieve your license number if it is lost.

For Sysmac Studio, on the opening screen, click on the “Registration” menu item on the left side of the screen, then click “Register This License”.

For CXONE, open CX-Programmer.  Go to the “Help” menu and click on “Online Registration”

In both cases, you will need your license number and you may need the product code.

Keep Your Software Up-To-Date

Keep your valuable software up-to-date with FREE updates (upgrades are not free).  Omron has had numerous updates but has not had an upgrade since 2010.)

Even if you just installed your Omron programming software for the first time, it’s a good idea to check for updates.  Then it’s a good idea to update at least once a year.

There is an update tool installed with Sysmac Studio and CXOne.  You will find it in the program group for Sysmac Studio or CXONE on the start menu.  Look for “Omron Automatic Software Auto-Up-date”.  Contrary to its name, it does not automatically update the software until you manually start it and follow the directions.

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Omron Practices Guide for NX1P Programming

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