Omron LD Series Mobile Robot Increases Throughput Through Safety And Efficiency

Omron LD Series Mobile Robot
Omron LD Series mobile robots are Autonomous Intelligent Vehicles (AIVs) designed to dramatically increase productivity in manufacturing and logistics operations. In addition to making your employees more efficient by allowing them to focus on tasks that require complex human skills, Omron mobile robots increase
throughput, reduce machine dwell time, eliminate errors and improve material traceability. These robots have customizable payload designs, full safety compliance, mapping and navigation, easy deployment, fleet management and robust productivity. 

Customizable Payload Designs

  • Easy conveyor-top integration
  • Supports collaborative robotic arm
  • Transports carts and totes
  • Power, IO, Wi-Fi

Full Safety Compliance

Omron mobile robots are fully safety compliant. They use an onboard laser and other sensors to detect obstacles in their path and based on speed of travel, trigger an E-
Omron LD Series Mobile Robot Interacting Safely with a Person
stop to prevent vehicle collision. This makes the robot able to work collaboratively with people while avoiding static and moving obstacles.

  • Safety Rated Main Laser
  • Lower Laser
  • Side Lasers (Patented)
  • Front Bumper
  • Rear Sonar
  • Rear Laser

Mapping And Navigation

Robust Navigation With Acuity

Omron LD Series Mobile Robot uses the shortest allowable path while uses automatic alternative route planning. This means that you can easily add pickup and delivery points.

Acuity provides an additional method of “localization” to the onboard laser, to allow the robot to operate in frequently changing environments. It identifies overhead lights and overlays the “light map” with the “floor map”. It also allows the robots to move easily across wide-open areas in large warehouses.

True Natural-Feature Navigation

  • Reduces cost: no facilities modifications
  • No need to pre-program path
  • Self-mapping with onboard PC
  • Short installation time

Fleet Management

Enterprise Manager

Enterprise Manager is a network appliance that provides coordination of mobile robots while providing traceability, job allocation and traffic control across the entire fleet.

Transport Request (Job) Allocation: Distributes across multiple mobile robots by selecting the best vehicle to perform the job
Traffic Control: Optimizes traffic flow of vehicles
Communications: Single point of contact for integration with factory systems (MES, WMS, ERP, etc.)
MobilePlanner: PC-based software user interface to manage the robot or the fleet

Scalable: Fleets Of Up To 100 Vehicles

  • Job dispatch and management
  • Centralized configuration and map management
  • Facilitates traffic flow
  • Centralized point of communication

Robust 24x7 Productivity

  • Opportunistic charging
  • Capable of operating in highly dynamic environment
  • Proven worldwide installed base
  • >17 years of continuous experience

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