Omron FHV7 Industrial Smart Camera

Submitted on Wed, 02/06/2019
Omron’s new FHV7-series smart camera features the world’s first multi-color light alongside a best-in-class 12-megapixel high-resolution image sensor to achieve the industry’s highest standards of precision in vision inspections on a high-mix production line.
Omron FHV7 Industrial Smart Camera

This technology is geared towards helping manufacturers meet the needs for stricter quality control checks on flexible production lines while minimizing downtime for product changeover.

Key features of Omron FHV7 Industrial Smart Camera

  • Multi-color light that automatically changes lighting to accommodate product modifications and new designs
  • Range of sensors from 0.4MP up to 5MP, with versions up to 12MP available in the near future to enable high-precision inspections for wider areas and eliminate the need for installing multiple cameras or a mechanism to move a camera to capture different inspection points on different products on the same line
  • Auto-focus lens that covers a focal distance between 59 and 2,000 mm, ensuring that even when differently sized products are created, the focal range can be changed easily by altering parameters rather than by moving the camera
  • Industrial ruggedness through an IP67 design that ensures vibration and shock resistance
  • Dual-core CPU that provides the fastest image processing speed among smart cameras (four times faster than the previous generation)
  • High-speed image logging that enables inspection to be conducted while image data is being saved
  • High-speed image data compression that facilitates data storage enabling complete traceability
  • Highly configurable offering with a variety of optics and lighting options
  • Automation-ready connectivity with EtherNet/IP and PROFINET support as well as direct integration with and camera configuration via Sysmac Studio
  • Full range of accessories that includes several optical filters, protection hoods and cables
  • Powerful vision software that builds off of the proven FH series of image processing and inspection features


Omron FHV7 Industrial Smart Camera: A smart camera that promotes flexibility and traceability

The FHV7 promotes easy integration of vision inspection into flexible manufacturing processes. Equipped with a multi-color light and an autofocus lens, it can respond flexibly to changes in the color and size of objects to be inspected, eliminating the need for special camera installation and adjustment skills.

The smart camera’s high-speed image compression algorithm works at double the regular speed, enabling all image data to be saved even during measurement tasks and allowing complete traceability in production processes where quality control is paramount.

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