Omron FH-3D Bin Picking Camera Speeds up Pick-and-Place Applications and Improves Bin Emptying

Submitted on Thu, 10/07/2021
Omron FH-SMD 3D Robot Vision System
For manufacturers concerned about sorting errors in manual processes, injuries due to heavy lifting, or an inability to secure the necessary human resouurces for manual parts picking, the new FH bin pickiing camera is a welcome solution. This camera can also lead to improvements in scenarios where a fixed-mount camera either fails to properly empty bins or will not fit within the existing installation space due to excessive fixture sizes.

The FH-3D’s vision sensor is specialized for 3D bin picking applications that involve sorting randomly stacked parts that arrive in bins. The camera can be mounted on a robotic arm to add flexibility in image acquisition and prompt the robot to approach objects at different angles instead of from a fixed location. This improves bin emptying and makes it easier to pick the “elusive 15 percent” of parts that are often left over by competing systems.

FH-3D Bin Picking Camera Features

  • Stable 3D part detection
  • Multi-pattern structured light
  • Built-in 2D light for code reading
  • Compact form factor

FH-3D Bin Picking Camera Benefits

  • Simplifies bin picking by combining a compact, lightweight and fast sensor with powerful 3D application software
  • Can precisely identify randomly stacked parts inside bin and pick and place them on a conveyor, parts magazine or tray
  • Shortens measurement time by taking a single shot of the target object with a multi-pattern structured light
  • Acquires images of target objects from varying angles to improve picking of parts in challenging positions
  • Reduces cell size by allowing camera installation on a robotic arm instead of at a fixed location

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