Omron F3SG-SR Series Safety Light Curtain

Omron F3SG-SR Series Safety Light Curtain
Omron's F3SG-SR Series Safety Light Curtain provides a standard, easy-to-implement safety solution for flexible production lines. The new F3SG-SR Series Safety Light Curtain has a standardized yet flexible design that allows manufacturers to comply with safety standards and make the most of their flexible production lines while ensuring full protection for equipment operators.

With a mechanical design that covers the needs of  protection applications, a flexible structure to fit variable specifications, and the ability to function well in harsh environments, the F3SG-SR Series is the ideal solution for today’s industrial needs.

F3SG-SR Series Key Features:

  • Protective heights ranging from 160mm to 2,480mm
  • Area Beam Indicator for at-a-glance beam status verification
  • Status indicators for monitoring information about equipment stoppages
  • Environmental resistance and rugged structure for use in any environment (IP67, IP67G, IP69K)

F3SG-SR Series Key Benefits:

  • Flexible design to fit your equipment
  • Quick and easy beam adjustment
  • Functions well in harsh environments
  • Complies with all global safety standards
  • Helps manufacturers identify causes of equipment stoppages

The F3SG-SR/PG Series is ideal for customers who need a standardized yet flexible solution, including:
  • Customers whose production lines are growing in complexity due to flexible production requirements
  • Customers that have a wide variety of equipment specifications
  • Customers whose applications feature low operating temperatures and/or other harsh conditions
  • Customers looking for a better way to identify the root causes of equipment stoppages

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