Omron E3Z Compact, Self-Amplified Photoelectric Sensors

Submitted on Tue, 12/06/2016
Omron E3Z Photoelectric Sensors
Omron’s E3Z product line is among the world's most popular and successful photoelectric sensors. Omron Automation & Safety continues to expand the E3Z product line with a goal to provide a sensor to meet any photoelectric detection challenge in the industrial automation market.

E3Z series is sought after to provide solutions in:

  • General Purpose Sensing
  • Background/Foreground Suppression
  • Sensing for Packaging
  • Chemical Washdown Environments
  • Oil Resistant Sensing
  • Color Mark Detection

E3Z Series key features:

Compact Size (31 H x 10.8 W x 20 D mm)

The E3Z is the smallest in its class and ideal for tight or confined locations. The requirement for compact sensors is of importance for machine designers as component space is at a premium.

High Noise Immunity Against Interference from Inverters and Other Inductive Loads

Providing decreased sensor down-time for maintenance, E3Z sensors perform under the most demanding electrical noise circumstances.

Unique Integrated Circuit Design with Advanced LED

Performance of the E3Z sensors has among the highest gain output in the industry, allowing optimum detection over long distances or in dirty or dusty environments.

IP67 or IP69K Housing Ratings

All E3Z (Plastic) models are rated IP67 and tested to withstand 1200 psi washdown applications; All E3ZM (Stainless Steel) models are rated IP69K to match 1450 psi washdown applications as well as providing optimum resistance to potential damage from common chemicals or detergents.

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