Omron E3T-C Miniature Photoelectric Sensors in M5 and M6 Sized Housing

Submitted on Tue, 12/06/2016
Omron E3T-C Photoelectric Sensor
Omron's E3T-C family of miniature photoelectric sensors is the ideal solution when mounting space is crucial. A unique optical alignment technology ensures minimal deviation of the optical axis.
  • Axial and radial M5 sized through-beam sensors
  • Axial M6 sized diffuse-reflective sensors
  • Pre-wired models in stainless steel housing

Benefits of Small Cylindrical Sensors

With square sensors time is required to tighten screws and mounting brackets are sometimes required, but with small cylindrical sensors there is:

Less drilling and tightening work - Work is reduced because holes do not need to be threaded and there is only one place to tighten

Mounting without brackets - For through-beam sensors, both top-view and side-view models are available.  Select the shape according to installation conditions to mount directly to the system without brackets

Omroon E3T

Download the Omron E3T-C Series Photoelectric Sensors Datasheet
Download the Omron E3T Series Photoelectric Sensors Brochure

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