Omron E3FA, E3FB, E3FC Cylindrical Photoelectric Sensors

Submitted on Tue, 12/06/2016
Omron E3FA, E3FB, E3FC Cylindrical Photoelectric Sensors
Check out Omron's next generation of photoelectric sensors E3FA, E3FB, E3FC. These sensors represent one of the largest varieties of dependable and easy to use photoelectric sensors on the market today.

This family of photoelectric sensors offer solutions for various applications via standard through-beam diffuse and polarized retro reflective sensors, as well as special application options for clear targets and background suppression. All retro reflective models are polarized to prevent false reads on mirrored surfaces.

The E3FA is housed in universal M18 cylindrical plastic for standard applications.  The E3FB is housed in nickel plated brass which provides more durability for high-traffic environments. The E3FC is housed in SUS316L stainless steel and is designed to resist harsh chemicals which is suitable for applications in the food and beverage industry. Both the E3FA and the E3FB are offered in either straight, or in 90 degree angled radial models.

The E3FB/E3RB family provides a wide range of high quality M18 cylindrical sensors, with models designed for standard or special applications.
  • Nickel-plated brass housing for applications that require a more ruggedized sensor
  • Compact size with pre-wired or M12 connector options
  • Visible LED light for easy alignment and long sensing distance
  • IP67, IP69K for water and wash down resistance
  • Straight or Radial models in cylindrical M18 housing
  • Background suppression, Limited Distance and Transparent detection models available


Unrivaled Detection with Simplicity in Setup and Installation

Omron E3FB Sensors Features
Download the Omron E3 Series Photoelectric Sensors Brochure
Download the Omron E3FA-E3RA-E3FB-E3RB Series Photoelectric Sensors Datasheet

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