Omron D40ML RFID Magnetic Locking Safety Switches

Submitted on Fri, 10/02/2020
Omron's new D40ML series of safety interlock switches combines magnetic locking and RFID technologies to create a highly tamper resistant product in compliance with ISO 14119. Suitable for use in food and beverage processing, packaging, automotive and other industrial machine guarding applications.

  • Omron D40ML RFID Magnetic Locking Safety Switches
    RFID provides a high degree of tamper resistance
  • Clean/Sanitize in Place – stainless steel versions are rated IP69K
  • LEDs support easy fault diagnosis
  • Install up to 20 switches in series
  • Residual magnetism acts as light door latch after unlocking
  • Two actuator types - Both offer tolerance for misalignment:
    • Basic – all actuators in the system are identically coded
    • Unique – every actuator is individually coded. 32,000,000 codes
  • Two switch sizes provide multiple holding force options:
    • Medium Duty (F1 max): 600N (SS), 900N (plastic and diecast)
    • Heavy Duty (F1 max): 950N (SS), 1500N (plastic and diecast)
  • Three case materials - Plastic, diecast metal, 316 stainless steel
  • For use on machines with no rundown time if power is lost

Download Omron's D40ML RFID Magnetic Locking Safety Switches Datasheet

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