Omron Adept eCobra SCARA Robot

Omron Adept eCobra SCARA Robot product photo
Omron Adept eCobra SCARA robot series features 600 or 800-mm reach and is available in three performance tiers, each designed to address different application complexity and throughput requirements. Adept eCobra offers a compact footprint, saving valuable floor space while minimizing installation costs and complexity. This unique family ensures that users receive the highest quality, most durable robots at every performance level.

All amplifiers and controls are fully embedded into the Omron Adept eCobra SCARA robots to maximize valuable floor space and reduce installation costs (cables, control cabinets, labor, etc). There are three performance levels, lite, standard and pro, that are based on a common hardware platform. This maximizes value by only paying for the performance required for the application without sacrificing hardware quality. You can also upgrade the performance with a software license download. Easily upgrade your robot to increase production throughput with a simple software upgrade. Advanced features, such as direct PLC programming, are included in standard and pro performance tiers to minimize training and deployment time using familiar ladder logic programming languages of the existing PLC. Adept ACE™ provides an effective way to deploy applications, without lengthy, overly-complicated programming. These robots also include a powerful 3D emulator that allows complete system configuration and testing in a virtual environment.

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