New Servos Optimize Use from Design to Commissioning

More of What You Want In Servo

The 1S Servos are an important addition to the Sysmac Solution. The series offers more built-in capabilities than our existing servo lines to eliminate external hardware and simplify design, installation, operation and maintenance.

Less Frustration

Easily forgotten, separately ordered components such as a braking relays and absolute encoder battery and cable are no longer needed. Often these were ordered later, delaying commissioning and delivery dates. These are built-in or eliminated. Complex wiring of external I/O terminal blocks are replaced with built-in I/O, time-saving pluggable wiring connectors and push-in terminals.

What is the Customer Sweet Spot for 1S Servos?

High Volume OEMs
  • 2- to 4-axis machines, multiple machines per month
  • Total Cost of Ownership:  Savings in panel space, commissioning, fewer components
High Accuracy Machine OEMs
  • Gear-less / battery-less multi-turn 23-bit absolute encoder, 16-bit multi-turn
  • Advanced tuning to shorten settling time
End Users
  • Complete solution that includes input, logic, output, robots and safety (ILO R + S)
  • One software package, one program to maintain

Where Customers Save Money with 1S

The 1S Series eliminates up to 20% of hidden servo system costs to the customer by no longer requiring these parts:
  • Servodrive controller cable (CN1)
  • Terminal block (CN1)
  • Safety cable (CN8)
  • Brake relay
  • Absolute encoder battery and cable
Download Omron 1S Servo Motor Datasheet

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