Contamination Prevention and Safety in the Semiconductor Industry

Safety does not happen by accident.  UE Precision Sensors worked with leading semiconductor manufacturer's to create state-of-the-art products that assist with contamination prevention and safety by monitoring pressure, flow, level and temperature.

EH&S - Personnel and Environment Safety

  • EH&S Personnel and environment safety
    Corrosive environment compatible
  • Rugged and robust components
  • Fail to safety

Case Study: Gas Cabinet and BCDS Risk of Harm
  • Fab needs to detect any drift or exhaust failure
  • Semi S6 Tracer gas testing: concentration >OEL/LEL
  • Human and environment hazard protection
  • Operators need to know that the tool is safe
  • UL991/S2-0818 Safety Interlocks
  • Fail to safety


Product Safety - Wafer Integrity Protection

  • Product Safety - Wafer Integrity Protection
    Analog design: No software
  • >5 million life cycle warranty
  • Best Stability: No drift!

Case Study: EFEM Operations Risk of Product Harm
  • Monitoring continuous high positive differential pressure between EFEM enclosure and the clean room
  • Prevent from getting contamination on wafers
  • Insure mini-environment balancing and detect any FFU drift
  • Prevent risks from clean room pressure fluctuation
  • Fail safe always


Equipment Safety - Long-Term Protection of Complex Tools

Equipment Safety - Long-Term Protection of Complex Tools

  • >200,000 hours MTBF
  • Auto-diagnostic feature: S2/UL991
  • Passive or analog: Bug free safe guards!


Low Pressure Monitor LDP Echoline Series

Low Pressure

  • Smart sensor with auto diagnostic
  • Ultimate safety for EHS
  • 200,000 h/MTBF
  • S2/UL991 certified

Low Pressure Monitor LDP ECHOLINE® Series

Pressure Transducer Staset

Pressure Transducers

  • High performance sensors
  • 100 to 3,000 PSI ranges
  • Compound available
  • Absolute option
  • 5 million life cycle

Temperature Sensors

  • RTD: PT100/500/1000 temp. -128 to 204°C
  • Bi-metallic temp. threshold temp. -55 to 176°C factory set



Pressure Switches

  • Electro-mechanical technology
  • Safety devices with factory-set set points
  • Vacuum, absolute and gauge up to 375 bars
  • Highly repeatable on-off alarms

Differential Pressure

  • Electro-mechanical
  • Variation detection of fixed difference
  • Port 1: high purity gases or liquids
  • Port 2: dry air or inert gases
  • 5 Million Life Cycle

Flow Switches

  • Magnetic detection
  • Paddle or piston
  • Reed contact
  • Factory set

V12F Series Flow Switch

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