Submitted by Parker Hannifin Corporation
Should I use Pipe or Tubing?

Standard fluid line systems were for many years constructed from threaded pipe of assorted materials and were assembled with various standard pipe fitting shapes

Submitted by Exergen
What is Emissivity?

Emissivity is a surface property which determines how much radiation an object emits at a given temperature compared to a blackbody at the same temperature

Submitted by Exergen
IRt/c Trouble Shooting Guide

If an IRt/c sensor is installed and does not function as expected the failure may be due to something other than the sensor.

Submitted by Valin Corporation
 Parker Instrumentation Solution Center

Valin Corporation is the largest Parker Instrumentation distributor in the Western United States

Submitted by Corey Foster, Senior Automation Application Engineer

"Precision" is a term that needs to be broken down into several components that include accuracy, repeatability, flatness, straightness, etc

Submitted by Brian Sullivan

Answer a number of key questions to identify the most appropriate choice

At process plants, a significant percentage of measurement devices aren’t correctly matched to their application, leading to decreased quality and consistency of the operation. Often, the source of this problem is the assumption that one type of level measurement sensor suits multiple applications.

Submitted by Dan Robertson

Valin provides assistance to plastic resin and synthetic fiber manufacturer with integrated valve solution.